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M.Sc. (Physics)

M.Sc. Physics Course has duration of two years and eligibility of the candidate will be B.Sc. with specialization in Physics/Electronics/ Instrumentation /Electronics & Communication. M. Sc Physics students get trained in such a manner that they can serve the industries, corporate and other sectors in much better way and skill. Inculcate the aptitude for the research in the field of science and technology. The student will progress as leaders in their profession. Students are motivated to reach high standards, to acquire real insight in Physics and to become self confident, committed and adaptable graduates. The students after M. Sc Physics possess qualities of High quality fundamental physical sciences as well as experimental, theoretical and research techniques.

M.Sc. (Organic Chemistry)

M.Sc. Organic Chemistry Course has duration of two years (four semesters) and eligibility of the candidate to take admission in the course is B.Sc. with specialization in Chemistry. Detailed syllabus links are given under courses tab. Organic chemistry is a branch of chemistry that is relatively the most elaborative. It consists advanced study of structural and functional properties of compounds made-up of carbon and hydrogen elements and their derivatives. Synthetic and natural both type of organic compounds are involved in the study. In the scope of its subject, chemistry occupies an intermediate position between physics and biology. It is sometimes called the central science because it provides a foundation for understanding both basic and applied scientific disciplines at a fundamental level. In the institute the subject is taught in a way to create conceptual understanding in the students so they can move further for their research and training as well as for chemical industries, corporate and other sectors. As the scope is very broad so they can start their start-up in the field with innovation. After completion of the course students will find they have got skills in experimental, theoretical and research techniques of chemistry.